Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wine Basket....Giveaway!!

Look at this beauty! More Wine Please is giving this bad boy away for her blogaversary!! What a great way to celebrate :) Hop on over to her site and sign up for the giveaway. If you let her know that you saw it on my site and I sent you, we'll both get an extra entry! One for me and one for you, just the way I like to share my wine!

Good luck Winos!


  1. I've been a MIA blogger for the past couple of days so I never got a chance to tell you THANKS for the award! And I am definitely going over to More Wine Please and checking out that giveaway!

  2. Just saying hello and that I added myself as a fallower! You have a really cute blog BTW:) Feel free to stop by and say hello sometime! Also an interesting way to spell your name, I'm sure you get that a lot:p

  3. So how do we get to be one of your blogging beauties?



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