Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Derby Day ladies and gentlemen!!!

Today is such a wonderful day for Kentuckians! I am sitting in the airport waiting to catch a flight to Texas where I will be greeted with a hug and mint julep!! Today I am hanging out with the rents at a track in Dallas where we will be attending an alum event for the University of Kentucky. I am so excited!! It will be the closest thing to Keeneland I can get for now. Keeneland is the horsetrack in KY that was the host of fall and spring meets that were the excuse for half the campus missing Friday class on opening day!!

I hope all of you have a great day and i'll leave you with this....

Tough girls come from New York. Sweet girls, they're from Georgia. but us Kentucky girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be a debutante, throw left hooks, and drink
with the boys, all the while making sweet tea, darlin'. And if we have an opinion, you know you're gonna here it!!
-Ashley Judd


  1. Kentucky Derby, you say? Have fun!

  2. I'm not a Kentuckian but i LOVE Derby Day! Hope you have a great trip!

    I have something for you over on my blog cause I think yours is so fabulous =)



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