Monday, May 18, 2009

Bachelorette....weird guys!

Watching the show right now.....very excited its on...but is anyone else weirded out by the awkward introductions??? Guys are so much worse that girls when it comes to acquainting themselves with someone new! From my count, our Bachelorette is really excited and will be floating to the moon from all the drinks she having made for her. Come on guys....COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW AND ORIGINAL!!!


  1. Yes!!! It's so corny, but I love it. It must be AWFUL to have to sit around and talk to 30 guys!

  2. I'm usually addicted to the Bachelorette, and I had a hard time paying attention last night. They're sort of lame... But I'm sure I'll still watch it as my guilty pleasure!



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