Saturday, May 30, 2009

Extremely Upset....

So I took it upon myself to start messing around with my blog layout and I promise that I backed up my template, but blogspot has changed everything!!! Has anyone else had these problems? I can't pick a main font or my blog colors or anything. I don't know what to do. I'm about to just start a new blog and see if that will work.

Help....Blogger in distress :(


  1. oh no!! did you save your template to your hard drive before starting to make the changes? If so, maybe you can put it back on? I' sorry this is happening to you. But, I do like the new background.

  2. Oh no!! I am so sorry. I didn't know your blog was hard to read- I read it in a reader though . . . I think it looks good now. I am sorry I don't have any help for you!

  3. Guess you figured it out because it's looking cute now!

  4. Hey girl! I had that happen to my old blog, and I unfortunately could never get the problem rectified so I created a new blog. I like the red & white though, it's cute.

    So glad we stay in touch, have a great weekend!




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