Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting in Limbo!

G'day, girlies and ghouls! How is everyone feeling? Its Friday morning and the weekend is almost here! Such a great feeling, except for the fact that now I'm waiting in limbo. Has this ever happened to any of you....don't know how to feel....whether to be happy and excited or nervous and sceptical? Well I'm there. My test is over and I felt like things went pretty well, but that is always bad news. Any time I think I've done well on a test I totally screw it up.

So now I'm just waiting. Don't know when I'm going to find out my scores, but hopefully soon. Oh well...

Now on to good news....

I'm trying to make some weekend plans....don't really know what I should do. Do you all have any suggestions? I was thinking a beach trip....we actually have a day that is forecasted to be sunny...for the first time in weeks!!!

Well have a great afternoon as you watch the clock slowly count down the time remaining until the start of the weekend! Be safe, be kind, and please rewind!


  1. I hope your test went well! Have a great weekend.

  2. I understand that feeling- If I feel good about the test, I often did not do well! my husband too. How weird is that?

    But my husband felt that way about his last text- and he did do awesome. So I am sure you did fine. = )

    Have a great weekend- you deserve it!

  3. The Beach sound great. We are trying to figure out what we're going to do. Our family beach house is open this weekend and want to use it before the renters start coming. You should defiantly go to the beach!



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