Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rain rain go away....

By golly, how are ya!? It is a rainy mess today in FL. I haven't seen the sun shine since Saturday. YUCK! Since its been raining, I've spent my bored days inside the walls of a local shopping patagonia! It was lovely. I got to spend some time with J's sister and her little girl and also tagged along with the "play group." Let me just tell ya, mom's are amazing....especially these moms. I kept thinking to myself....I would go nuts with all this chaos and these lovelies just took it with a grain of salt. I have to tell you, if I would have spent any more time with the little ones, I would have wanted one of my own. In due time, Meagan. Just not now! ha!

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. My Grandma, who apparently lives in your neck of the woods, says she is drowning as well. She and my Aunt have resorted to Wellies. I hear you need it though!

    PS - Enjoy the freedom kid-less-ness allows you;)

  2. Hope the sun comes out soon for you! But until then enjoy = )



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