Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Workings

Howdy do! Just another wonderful day in longhorn country....except for the weather. I was hoping for sunshine and tanning oil, but it has been raining and storming the whole time. I'm not going to be too happy if a tornado spawns up in the front yard! EEK!

So today is a very happy day, and would be much better if J was with me. It is our 11 month anniversary !! I know, sounds kind of high schoolish to still count the months, but I love it! After the 1 year mark, then things are counted by half months.....until we get married and then it's down to years! I think....what do you think? But if J is reading....LOVE YOU BABERS!

I have a funny story for you....for some reason, I've had puppies on the brain. I want one....really. stinkin. bad. But right now is not the time and place. But I can still window shop, right? So when I have spare time, I search for dogs on this lovely thing we call the Internet! I'm very picky when it comes to dogs that I want and feel I can take care of. Small to medium in size, no aggressive behavior or history, hypoallergenic, and cute as a button!! Well after some research this week....I know what I want:


A schnoodle is a Schnauzer and a poodle mix. And it is sooo stinkin' cute!

Insert funny story when I found this dog, I felt the need to tell everyone I'd found it. I sent emails, made phone calls, and chatted online. Well, have any of you heard of skype? Its kinda like AIM but you can make phone calls with it through your computer. My family uses it to stay in touch with my brother. So, sometimes while my dad is at work, I will chat with him, so I decided to tell my dad about this new puppy find!!

This was the message: Dad! I want a schoodle!!!

End quote!

I waited and waited for a response, but nothing. I chalked it up to him being busy and figured I would talk to him about it later. He came home and I proceed to quiz him about this new found love.....he said let me want a schoodle!?

Holy cow, he must have gotten my message! Uh-oh....somethings not right. My dad had a weird look on his face :( Apparently my dad was giving a big presentation at work, using his laptop and a projection screen with a power point project as a visual aid. Ummm...can you guess?

Right in the middle of his presentation, my message (see previous quote) popped up on his computer!!!! Mind you, the statement said nothing about a schoodle being a dog and I'm sure no one knew what it meant. Now they just think I'm a whacko! Thank goodness I don't live in TX and these people will never meet me!

Embarrassed?? That would be this girl. Oh well.

Well I must go get ready! I have another day of errands with the Moms! Have a great one :)


  1. This made me LOL! Too funny!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! Before I got my dog (2 years ago) I window shopped all over the internet. She's a Westie and I love her to death (there's pictures of her on my blog). We go to the dog park all the time and one of her favorite "friends" is a Schnoodle named Joy. They're super cute pups!

  3. Oh ha ha - that story is too funny! These little schoodles are so cute!



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