Saturday, May 30, 2009

Questions, Inquiries, Advice....

I need help! I've had a few people tell me the font on my blog is hard to read. So I need you all to let me know. I've been told the "blue" font is hard to read....but I had no clue my font was blue.

I'm in the mood to maybe switch up my layout and I would love to have a personal design, but being unemployed doesn't allow for those luxuries :( Do you have any suggestions on how to give my blog an update? I found my current blog layout at and they have some great free layouts.

Blog in distress....


  1. Your font doesn't look blue to looks black. But I read your blog in my reader so I don't have any trouble...Sorry! I wish I was more help!

  2. Your font is black on my screen. I think a solid background would help people read it better but it looks good to me!

  3. Your font is black for me also. Although I did notice that while the page was loading it looked blue until the background showed up. Once it was fully loaded, I have no trouble reading it!

  4. girl i am trying to stick with this shred thing (haha day 3!) but im so sore!! so if you do it i'll do it :) the font looks black but i think the green design behind it makes it harder to see, but not that bad ?!



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