Sunday, May 17, 2009

Illusions of the eye...

Bonjour! How are all you lovelies??? I, myself, have been bored out of my mind! lol. J is playing super hero in Tornado Alley helping his aunt and uncle clean up their destroyed yard. He's gone for a few days and I'm here trying to figure out how to keep myself entertained.

Yesterday I went out and piddled around town. I hit up TJ Maxx....twice, Target, Publix, Charolette Russe, Forever 21 and Finish Line. Sad part is....when you don't have a job, you can't buy much. I ended up with a cute little jersey knit dress and a few rings and I added lots to my lengthening "wishlist". It was nice to just get out of the house and get a little exercise.

Today, I've done the nails, tried to soak up some sun (the sun wasn't being cooperative), and I'm thinking about heading to Picture Show to partake in some solo screenplay action. Have any of you seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? That's what I'm headed to see and I'm hoping its not terrible!

So enough about my pity party I'm planning.....wanna see some interesting things I encountered while visiting my parents? Come on, I promise it will be fun!!

Have you ever been deceived by packaging? Maybe purchased a bag of chips to open it and find only a few crumbs in the bottom? Well this happened to me twice in TX.

My mom and I are bubble gum freaks. We love to chew bubble gum and sew, chew bubble gum and cook....pretty much anytime we're together, we're always crackin' on some bubble gum. Weird I know, but we were walking through Target and saw some Double Bubble gum.

We were expecting to get the little gumballs that come out of the kiddie gumball machines. You know, the kind you have to have three or four pieces to get a good chew? Well what we were expecting is not what we got!

These puppies were whoppers! A pleasant surprise for the bubble gum lover.

Next, while shopping in Target, we also picked up some Popsicles. I have a problem, I love sweet stuff. Well, when it comes to Popsicles, I always hate how half the popsicley goodness is all the way down the stick and it is extremely hard to eat. So, I found these...

Popsicle MIGHTY MINIS! The box showed to be the perfect size and check it out, they are SLOW MELT! I was thinking the mini-pops would be half the size of a normal Popsicle and they would be a wonderful cool, sweet treat for out by the swimming pool....

HA!! These things were tiny. A Popsicle for newborn! Slow melting?? That's because they don't have any time to can eat these thing in one chomp! Disappointing....well not for everyone....

My puppy loved the icy treat! Perfect size for her :)

And to put a little smile on your face....where else would you see something like this??

I might have to get this mailbox for my new house...when I get one! ahahahahaha!


  1. I gotta say... I get excited whenever a post starts off with Bonjour! :), j'adoreeeee Popsicles!! Adorable pooch!

  2. HAHA! I'd have to have like 10 of those popsicles! Hilarious!



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