Saturday, March 28, 2009

Such a Lovely Homecoming!

Sorry for the lapse in has been a little hectic since my return to Florida. My trip home was fantastic. I was able to spend 10 full days at home with my parents, which I haven't done since the summer after my freshman year in college. It was a chance for me to relax, veg, not worry about school and pretty much be a kid again. My mom and I had a great time sight-seeing and crafting, even though we didn't get as much done as we would have liked. Here are a few pictures of my last days in TX:

We went downtown to have dinner and drinks and had a great time. My parents are so stylish...Dad isn't afraid to wear pink and Mom and I both love damask!!

My mom and I went out for a day and piddled around town. We stopped a cute little shop called the Trading Post and saw some great things at ridiculous prices. The first three pictures are thing that I would love to have to decorate the house I do NOT have. The last picture of the sign is a little play off something Little Miss Sarah said before the election in November. Thought it was cute, but doesn't pertain to me seeing as I don't have an children! Ha!

We visited the Cupcake Cottage!!! TWICE :) If you live in the Fort Worth area, look it up. A-MA-ZING! My favorite were the almond poppyseed with buttercream icing!

We went to the Apple Store. I'm addicted.

And....we went to the Fort Worth Running Shop! My mom is wonderful and bought me a new pair of running shoes for my new adventure. Its so nice to be spoiled every once in a while. These are the shoes I got. Apparently, Michelle, the winner of last season's Biggest Loser is from that area and got the exact same pair of running shoes from the exact same store a few months earlier!!

I definitely wasn't looking for anything cute, but just something that was comfortable and helped my running. I was lucky enough to find these after trying on about 6 pairs of shoes and they are amazing. I've only run in them once, but I can already tell a difference in the way my shins feel after running.

I had such a great time in Texas, but I was very glad to get back to Florida! I missed J and his family and being in a routine. When I arrived home from the airport I was greeted with a bunch of lovely stuff in the mail! I haven't had a chance to let you all know, but I won my first giveaway! I was so excited!!! I won the Best of the Midwest....the giveaway done by two of my blog friends!! Read here about the giveaway! I won Lisa's gift and absolutely loved it. I am still enjoying all the little goodies :) Thanks Lisa!!

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to check out the giveaways at ~*Sweet Tea Diaries*~


  1. Glad you had a good trip. Those cupcakes look amazing. seriously. I want one.

    Good luck running! New shoes are always nice.

  2. Sounds liek you had a GREAT week end - I love your new hair by the way! Isn't it nice when we still get treats from our Mums? :) The girl that won the biggest loser looks fab by the way!!! Would love to know her workout secrets!



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