Sunday, March 8, 2009

Its a JUNGLE out there!!

Since I've been in Florida, I have had the privilege of getting to witness a whole new array of wildlife. Never before have I witnessed an armadillo trying to cross the road,

or made friends with a giant moth, the size of my hand, on the front door,

or had a nice conversation with a giant turtle on why its not very smart to sunbathe in the middle of the road!!

I'm so used to seeing little dear running around or a few squirrels with big, bushy tails looking for food, or a few cardinals flappin' around. I've seen all these crazy animals and I haven't even been to visit the zoo yet! Soon, though, very soon!

On to different news....J and I headed to the beach AGAIN this weekend. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in sight, and we got there in time to find a great spot that wasn't already engulfed by this years heard of Spring Breakers. We spent the day doing what we do best...relaxing. It was very uneventful, but wonderful at the same time. It wasn't until the next morning that the excitement would start! (That's a little foreshadowing)

That night J and I ventured over to my friend's house to have a fun-filled night of finger-foods, Guitar Hero, and UFC!! While pretending to be the next Jimi Hendrix, I started to feel a little warm. I had noticed that I had a very defined tan line before heading to play, but when I woke up Sunday morning and looked in the mirror, I scared myself to death!!!

I was not too burnt, but I looked like Octo-Mom!! It looked like I had gotten a full syringe of Restalin injected into each lip!! I seriously felt like Will Smith in Hitch! I almost took pictures to display, but they would have been to painful to look at! Apparently I had a reaction between the medicine I was on and the sun and my lips were two swollen sun blisters :( I'm still nursing them back to health, but I'm glad to report I don't look like Lisa Rinna post-op.

Last, but not least, a little lesson about hair! I am taking a trip to visit my parents coming up soon, and my mom and I decided it was time for a haircut. Feeling like I needed something new, I started doing a little research on face shapes and hair styles. This is what I found! Maybe it will be helpful to those of you who are looking for something new.

Finding the Right Haircut for your Face Shape - found via MSNBC

Determine Your Shape

Pull all your hair back, away from your face, in a headband. Look at your hairline and chin line. If it helps, draw a few dots with eyeliner to help you see your shape. Be sure to be honest about what you see, so you can make sure to pick the perfect style for you!

Heart-shaped Face

What suits your shape: Forget blunt bobs and super-short styles. To flatter a heart-shaped face, a combination of a side part accented by bangs, and chin-length (or longer) all-over layers. Adding pieces that hit at the jaw fools the eye into seeing a more oval shape instead of a pointy chin.

Heart-shaped stars
Long: Reese Witherspoon
Side-swept, fringy bangs with a side part and flowing layers

Medium: Christina Ricci
Eye-skimming, soft bangs with face-framing, long layers

Short: Jenny McCarthy
A deep side part that sweeps hair across the forehead, combined with choppy, chin-length layers

Square-Shaped Face

What suits your shape: Lots of face-framing layers and a side part can soften angular facial bone structure. It draws attention to the cheekbones and makes an angular face seem less severe.

Square-shaped stars
Long: Gwyneth Paltrow
A side part camouflages a right-angled hairline, and pulled-forward long layers cover a square jaw to make it seem less prominent

Medium: Jennifer Garner
Tousled waves with long, face-framing layers partially cover the jaw to downplay angles and add fullness

Short: Selma Blair
A shaggy, layered cut with a deep side part balances the strong angles of the jaw

Round-Shaped Face

What suits your shape: Round-faced women can minimize fullness with a cut that features a middle or slightly off-center part and face-framing layers. Flowing pieces of hair that cover the sides of the face temper full cheeks and make the face appear longer and leaner. Long, side-swept bangs that end at the cheekbones also help create a more chiseled illusion.

Round-shaped stars
Long: Jennifer Hudson
Tumbling curls with shorter layers that cover the sides of the face and add volume to the back sections slim the cheeks

Short to medium: Cameron Diaz
Worn straight or wavy, face-framing side sections help camouflage roundness by covering the sides of the face

Pixie: Renee Zellweger
Longer pieces on top with close-cut locks in the back help make cheekbones look more angular and less full

Oval-Shaped Face

What suits your shape: Most styles will suit you. (Lucky!) Everything we do to flatter heart, round or square faces is meant to make them look more oval-shaped.

Oval-shaped stars
Long: Beyonce
From straight, sleek styles to Diana Ross-inspired masses of curls

Medium: Kate Winslet
A one-length cut with subtle layers in front and on the sides is truly versatile, and switching from a middle to a deep side part complements waves or straight strands

Short: Eva Longoria A chin-length, side-parted style -- worn wavy or straight -- works on most women, regardless of the shape of the face.

So, good luck with the hairstyle decision, be on the watch for crazy animals, and look for my post on picking the perfect swimsuit for your body shape!

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