Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hook em' Horns!

....just wanted to let you know I will be heading to spend 10 glorious days in the great state of Texas...home of big hair, sweet tea, and bible-beatin' beauties!!! I'm headed to visit my parents, whom I haven't seen since Christmas. But don't computer is making the trip with me and I will continue to post and update while I'm there.

A little preview for the week:
-Countdown to the big CHOP
-Cupcakes in a fLaSh
-To swim or not to swim?

Have a great day of rest and next time you hear from me...I'll be livin' large and lovin' life!

Ride em' cowboy!


  1. Hope you have a GREAT time at home!

  2. I'm jealous - Texas is the best! Have a super time! :)



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