Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane!!

So I lied....I thought I would be in Texas by now, but I was a little confused on my arrival times! Eek. Right now I'm sitting in the airport at my terminal and could think of nothing better to do than post a blog :)

A few things to report....Mrs. Smith and Lisa are doing one of the most fun give-aways every!! They are high school friends that have decided to do this together! Please make sure to check out their pages.... Post Smith and Like a Valentine

This is just a little tid-bit of what they're doing...THE BEST OF THE MIDWEST!!! Woo Hoo!!

Now to the fun stuff...I need to vent a little bit about airport....especially the one I'm in right now. Lately I have been used to flying in and out of smaller more local airports. Right now I'm flying out of a large metro airport and its sooo much different. These are three things I could live without at airports.....

1. Cab Drivers.....those suckers drive like bats outta you know where....gracious!
2. Snotty flight attendants that think they own the airport. I'm standing in line to purchase my one and only soda for the week (I gave it up for Lent...and you know Sunday you should feast!!) and two flight attendants thought it would be ok to just slip right in front of me without asking, saying thank you, or even acknowledge the fact that I was in line first! Arg.
3. Broke-down terminals....just take a look at the pictures:

I know they need to remodel...but seriously? I don't know how safe it is to use a disposable pie pan for a sprinkler system!!!

Sorry for the rant! Just thought it was interesting. Time to power down, spread my wings, and FLY!!

God Bless!


  1. oh that looks scary!! flying always wears me out! hope you have fun in TX and be safe!

  2. Miss Meagan,

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your folks. You're also part of our family so suffice it to say....we will miss you. Sorry to hear that your OIA experience was less than enjoyable...ok, ok, "it stunk" would be a better way to describe it. Hope your return flight will be better.


  3. Flying and layovers SUCK! :)

    Good luck winning the's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! :)

  4. I'm with you girl. Traveling can be so frustrating. And I think most flight attendants are so incredibly rude. I do NOT understand!



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