Thursday, March 12, 2009


...with love apparel

My very old friend from high school has recently decided to display her craft on Etsy. Since a lot of the blogs I read are from moms-to-be, I thought you might be interested in this little gem.

This shop has some of the cutest outfits, hats, and blankets from everyday wear that I have ever seen. Located out of Lakeland, Florida, the designer and fabricator of these great outfits does all her own work and couples it with lots of love and tender care. she even takes custom orders!! Her work is crafty, yet stylish. What a great way to make your little one stand out!

Here are a few pictures of my favorite of these days I will have a little one of my own to dress up in these great items!!

I hope you enjoy
and find lots of things you can't live without! Good luck shopping and if you have any questions, just let me know!!


  1. Super cute- If I had a baby and money in my pocket- I would snatch those up in no time!

  2. Okay the rocket ship alone makes me want a baby. So sweet!



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