Friday, March 13, 2009

Deja Vu...

...didn't we just have a Friday the 13th last month? Oh, wait, we did! Lets hope this month turns out as lucky as last month! I don't necessarily have the best of luck with Friday the 13th....a couple of years ago I actually wrecked my White Beauty, and its all been down hill since then. Until now!

This is NOT a picture of my car, but it did kind of look like this. It wasn't one of my proudest moments :(

But moving on....

One of my new blogging friends has tagged me in her most recent post! Yeah! My first blog award!

is a blog that I read religiously along with a few others. Check it out if you get a chance!!

What I've been tagged to do is to reveal 10 Not So Cute Things about myself....if I admit to these things, then that makes them real, right? :) While I am a little hesitant to let you in on my bad habits and unattractive quirks, I'm going to bite the bullet and go for it!

So here we go:
1. I brush my teeth with my eyes closed. I kinda have a phobia of watching others, or myself, in the mirror for that matter, brush their teeth. It makes my mouth twitch uncontrollably.
2. I'm a organized as I am and as time-conscious I try to be, I put most everything off to the last minute. It's when I do my best work....HA!
3. My bedroom is a mess...I clean it and the nest minute its a wreck. I think there are little clutter fairies living under my bed that can detect a clean room!
4. I hate doing laundry. When I lived in my apartment by myself, I would go a month without doing laundry.
5. I have a problem with not returning phone calls. For some reason, I think, if they don't leave a voicemail, it wasn't that important.
6. I have IAD.....Internet addiction disorder. I love my laptop!
7. I rock a hair-do for as long as possible....meaning I only wash my hair about once a week. The cycle is....wash, dry, straighten, wear it straight for a few days, half-back a few days or with a headband, and then the lovely ponytail! And then it starts all over!
8. I spend 90% of my day in my pjs.....I don't have a job and I study all day, so why put on a cute little sundress and make-up when no one is going to see it.
9. I hate eating healthy.......but if I didn't, I would blossom into Moby Dick's wife! Gotta love those genes.
10. I am a bi-polar minute I can be the most frugal, money conscious consumer and the next minute I'm splurging on things I absolutely do not need!

These are just a few of my not so cute qualities :) Now I want to hear from you! Let me know if you can top my 10!
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5. La vie est belle! at Southern Bride

Happy Blogging!


  1. I, too, used to spend most of my days in pjs- but I found that I actually get more done if I get dressed. It is weird.

  2. I love some of your "not so cute" moments! I too make the most of my hair do. I probably wash my hair 2 times a week!

    Glad I stumbled on your blog!

  3. My goodness, I wish I could get away with only washing my hair once a week - you are so lucky!

  4. This list is awesome! I am with you on #8 and #10! I cannot be in my house for more than 5 minutes with "real" clothes on before I get back into my PJs. Anyone who stops by unexpectedly can expect to find me in PJs. I am same with shopping as well...I like to say I have a Love-Hate relationship with shopping.

    And like Europafox said, I wish I could get away with washing my hair once a week!

  5. wow! i just now got around to reading this!! thanks so much!!!



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