Monday, February 23, 2009

A Bit of Light Reading...

Hi all!! I hope you're weekends were wonderful (wow...that's a lot of W's). This is a quick post to ask for some advice. I am looking for some new reading material. I love going to the book store and purchasing a new book or two, but I am totally intimidated by the large selection of script! I don't have a particular style of book I enjoy to read....I read them all if they can keep my attention. My latest reading frenzy was Twilight......and the three books that followed.

I know this is considered a tween book series, just like Harry Potter, but I loved it. I read all four books in a week!

I am starting a new book this week by a man named, William P. Young. It is called The Shack. Justin's mom and dad got it for me for Christmas and I've heard great things about it.

I'm very excited to read the book, but I know how I am and I will have it read in two days, so that is why I am asking for some book recommendations. I am also looking for a devotional for young adults. I have started going to a church in Longwood, FL and I absolutely love it. Everything about the experience has made me feel closer to God and made me want to learn more. I am working hard to better my relationship with Christ and I'm looking for any material that will help me do so! Have a blessed night and I promise I will have some more fun stuff up soon!

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog via Mrs. Smith. I, too, read the Twilight series quickly and loved them. To follow-up, I am going to be reading Charlaine Harris' Suki Stackhouse series (the show True Blood on HBO is based on these books). I don't know why I'm on such a vampire kick right now - before Twilight I hadn't read anything about vampires! :)



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