Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What I love about my new JOB!

1. Swimming with the residents every Saturday morning! I get the opportunity to instruct water aerobics and socialize with the residents and it is so much fun!

2. Happy Hour! Monday through Friday from 4-5 pm I have the opportunity to enjoy live music played on the grand piano, wonderful finger foods from our 5 star kitchen, and dancing with the residents! Last night was a treat, I got to learn some swing :)
3. Playing games all the time!! Last night I shot 2 under in Wii Golf. I'm signed up to learn how to play the real Majong. Phase 10 is a big hit on card night!

I get to be a kid at work and I love it! What do you love about your job? It's always nice to point out the positives. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. fun times are your new job!! :) I love it! I work for a community of schools in development and I love working a gorgeous campus everyday with trees and walking paths all around and I love seeing the kids around school and interacting with them. It's great to see the money I work to raise being used to benefit the educations of the future generations! And now for the now so PC reasons - half day Fridays in the summer, 35 hour work weeks, really cheap cafeteria lunches and having my own office :)

  2. i want your job! it sounds like so much fun!

    i enjoy my job as well even though i don't get to act like a little kid ;) i do get to read through blogs pretty much all day though! that's a positive thing!

  3. aww how fun. i work with long term care facilities/corporations in my job and it's so rewarding working with older people and making their lives a little bit better! :)

  4. that sounds like a fun job :) I love my job because I work with 900 little kids in the matter of 6 days (crazy, I know)...I'm an elementary art teacher. But, I'm soooo tired at the end of the day.

    Very adorable blog...I'll be following you. Love the background!




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