Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pictures to play catch-up!

Here are a few pictures to catch you up on what I've been doing the past couple of weeks!! Starting with the Texas trip.....we pretty much we in one spot the whole trip. Can you guess where that would be?

I demolished that poor book. Water and heat aren't the best thing for softback books! Oh well, it was a good read :)

Justin decided he was hungry and grilled up some burgers!!

As if the burgers didn't fill him up, he decided to try and eat my face!

Heading out to eat dinner at Razzoo's!

Cupcake Cake that I helped put together. It was for J's cousin's 9th birthday party.

A fellow blogger, Muppet Soul, went to visit Michael Jackson's home the day of the funeral to deliver a sign we decided to make. Photos are courtesy of Muppet Soul.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!


  1. Love the pool party pics!
    And that cupcake cake is too cute!! :)

  2. LOVe the cupcakes! Thinking about doing that for Jayden's 2nd birthday!

  3. I totally laughed out loud when you said that he was so hungry he ate your face. ha. Looks like a good time was had at that pool.

  4. Awww love the little cupcakes decorated with runts! Adorable!



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