Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fight Night!

Anyone else out there enjoy watching the fights? Or am I the only weird female that enjoys this kinda stuff?? HA! Last night J, his friend Bologna, and I went to my friend's Kristin and Matt's for the big event. It was a blast!! After a long day at work it was nice to spend the evening laughing with friends and screaming at the television!
This guy was absolutely ridiculous....poor Frank Mir's face :(

For some reason I'm redneck jokes keep popping in my head! You might be a redneck're a chick that loves to watch UFC....BAH!

Happy Weekending....


  1. eek - i can't watch this stuff. you're brave! :)

  2. haha i love the ufc, that fight was pretty bad though lol

  3. He he, glad you had fun! You are a very brave woman, I agree with Jenn. ;)



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