Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Dreams

Today has been a day. Just when things were looking bright, the hammer falls. I had just a little breathing room for the summer, but that's been sucked up like the air out of a space saver back. Good googalie-moogalie! I can't catch a break here. I have to remember that every cloud has a silver lining and my time will come. Just breath Meagan, just breath.

For now, I can dream...

a new digital camera for my photography fix...

a new handbag....doesn't even have to be real :)

with a wallet to match...still doesn't have to be real. I like to call them designer replicas!
Having a matching purse and wallet is like having matching panties and much fun but not always tangible.
a place to call my own....a little country home with a yard and a wrap-around porch.

bedroom furniture to be proud of for that house that I dream of having :)

We all dream...why not dream big. One of these days I will have these things, hopefully sooner than later. What do you dream of?


  1. I really like that bed frame. Oh, and I wouldn't mind the view either!

  2. Dreams are good to have!! I think I'll be dreaming of that house now too!

  3. That house is so gorgeous & home-sweet-home-esque! ;)

    p.s. Check out my newest post're TAGGED!

  4. All those things sounds great right about now :) And I definitely agree about dreaming big! Have a nice Saturday :)



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