Monday, June 8, 2009

I miss my long hair!!!

Its official....I want my hair back. But I'm pretty sure its already been sewn into about 7 wigs....hey, I have a lot of hair. BUT I WANT IT BACK.... :( The donation was for a great cause, and I wouldn't change it for the world, but how long is it going to take to grow back??

With my old roomie....called my hair "my drapes"!

My pigtails were so easy....I need them!
My curls were fun too!!

And then there was the half up, half down...with a little teasing!

And then my purple and red highlights! Oh man! Don't mind the stupid expression.
**Edit...These aren't really highlights. I had colored extensions put in because I was too chicken to color my hair. I've never colored/highlighted my hair for real! :(

no curls = tears ;(

Maybe by the time I grow my hair out I can lose some weight and look better! Arg!


  1. you and me both girl, you and me both. i miss my hair right now!

  2. your hair looks fab both ways! I freak out everytime i get my hair cut, even if its just an inch haha

  3. Your hair was and IS gorgeous. I envy people with thick hair. My fave styles were the pigtails =) and the colored highlights. So fun!

  4. you have the best hair ever btw. my hair sucks - i cannot explain how jealous i am!

  5. Love your purple and red highlights!!
    You can definitely post it!!! Share the fun:):) I laughed so hard, I had to get hubby to watch it with me!! So funny!!

    BTW, I love your short hair!!!

  6. Your long hair was so beautiful but I love the new cut! It's so sleek and sophisticated!

  7. I donated my hair to Locks of Love in January, and it grew back in no time.

    Don't worry, yours will grow back.

  8. I have donated twice now. I grow it out so it is so long that it bugs me. And I love the short hair for a few weeks- but then- oh- I know how you feel. Your hair is beautiful though. It will grow back. Mine is finally long again. I think it took me 2.5 years. Yours might be faster.

    (Also- You are gorgeous. I don't think you need to lose weight from the pictures I have seen of you. You really are beautiful.)



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