Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi all....quick post while I have my computer on and actually getting the internet!!

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and wonderful new year!! I know I did. My life these days consists of School, School, and Work x 2!!! Crazy life.

I am thinking about starting a new blog....for some reason I'm just over this one. But I will let you all know if I switch locations.

Before I go, my friend introduced me to swag bucks and I thought I should let you all know. Its a free search engine that you use and you earn free bucks that you can then cash in for a variety of things.....giftcards are the best thing i've found so far! My friend had so many points she was able to buy enough amazon gift cards to buy a laptop for herself for christmas.

Search & Win

If you want an invite, just send me your email and I will personally send you the information or you can click here and it should take you right to the registration page! Happy searching and shopping!!


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