Thursday, December 10, 2009

3-10...I'm slacking again!

Hey that rhymes! So, last we spoke there were a lot of things going on! Christmas season was kicked off when J and I headed to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra!!!!

It was my birthday present from J and I had such and amazing time. We both got dressed up and had a night on the town! If you haven't been to see TSO and you are a huge Christmas fan like me, I definitely recommend going to see the show. It is fantabulous!

Also, on Tuesday, J graduated from the academy!!! Woo hoo! I was so proud of him and he looked so amazing. Gotta love a man in uniform :)

After the graduation, J's mom and dad took everyone to Chili's and we enjoyed a little food and a few drinks before heading home for the evening.

Now I'm just trying to get myself ready for Christmas. I said I was going to start shopping early, but that didn't work out too well! It's the 10th and I only have a few things picked up. Arg. I'm stressing because there are so many other things I need to get done before I can start shopping. Number one priority right now is to study because I have three finals in one day. Tuesday is going to be a little crazy, and it doesn't help that I have to work the closing shift on Monday. The mall is open later and later due to the holidays, so I get off work at 10:30 and then have to drive 45 minutes home....EEK!! Guess I'll be doing the all-nighter thing if I don't get my studying done before work. But after Tuesday, it's smooth sailing. Class will be over until January 11, I can start my shopping, and enjoy time with friends and family! :) I can't wait.

How are you all coming along with your holiday shopping? Am I the only one in the procrastination boat?

It's time for me to get ready for class! Have a great day :)

Merry Ho-Ho!

P.S. It's finally cooling off a little bit. Yesterday it was in the upper 80's and I was laying its raining and COLD (meaning its in the 60's). But that's better than nothing. Guess my blood is thinning out! HA!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2....Let it snow!!

So it's not going to snow in FL, but my mom called me this morning to let me know it snowed in Ft. Worth this morning!! So that means I could have snow on Christmas!! Woo Hoo!! I can only hope.

Quick post for now.....I just finished writing up a test for J to practice and study for his final test tomorrow before graduation!! I can't believe the academy is almost over!

Now I'm headed to slap on some makeup and head to MAC! I'll be back to post some more after work :)

Only 23 days!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1.....and so it begins!!

Heellloooo everyone!! Are you out there? cricket. cricket.

I know it has be about 10,000 years since I last posted, but blogging had to take a back seat for a bit. I needed to reorganize and readjust a few things in life and I must say things have settled nicely. There are still a few things working out in the mix over the next few months, but I'm going to try my hardest to keep you updated about them! :)

So here we are, right at the very beginning of my favorite time of the year!!! CHRISTMAS season is upon us :) You would usually find me sitting at home watching Christmas movies, eating cookies, snuggled up with a gi-gundo blanket.....but Christmas time in Florida is much different than in KY!! Today, December 1, the temps got up into the 80's and it was bright and sunny out. Big change! Mind you I'm still crackin' into the Christmas movies. I had to go dig those out of storage before Thanksgiving! HA! My movie binge started with watching Elf with Will Ferrell....funny stuff. That's all I have to say.

I have quite a few Christmas movies, but I'm looking to expand my collection. So here's your challenge....what are your favorite Christmas movies of all time?

I'll be back shortly with more updates on my Christmas fun!! Missed you all and hope you're still out there somewhere :) Merry Ho-Ho!!


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