Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Time Give-away!

Hello all! I just wanted to let you all in on a quick new find! I have finally come across a give-away that I love. If you didn't know....I'm obsessed with making cupcakes. I haven't been able to make as much as I would have liked to lately, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve for upcoming events!

Here's the scoop about the give-away:

has put together the greatest cupcake package out there! Everything is perfect for the spring weather and the accessories can be used year round! Here is a picture of what is up for grabs.

If I can get some more followers and comment posts, I will have to do my own giveaway! Check out the Diaries of Ms. Sweet Tea and let her know what you think!

Here's a little demonstration of my cupcake crafts!

These are my Oreo Pandas! They were an absolute blast to make and even more fun to eat :)

Enjoy the give-away!


  1. Yay - thank you for posting about my giveaway! Your cupcakes are sooo cute! Is that from the hello cupcake book?

    I love your blog - I'm gonna follow :)

  2. Okay first of all...I am so impressed with your cupcake-making skills! Wow! And I have GOT to enter that giveaway!

    Second...thanks for your WW comment! I am desperate to look skinny and toned for swimsuit season this year!! :) We can do it!!!

  3. These cupcakes are so cute and so is your blog!!

  4. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog! I love it!

    Those cupcakes are SO cute!

  5. Hello - came across your blog & thought it was cute. I had to laugh - I am a KY girl and my aunt and grandma are in Lake Mary! Adorable hubby is Oreo obsessed maybe I'll try them.



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